Our Operations

Pioneer Water Management LLC (PWM)’s overarching goal is to design, build and operate safe, reliable and environmentally friendly water handing facilities that benefit both oil and gas operations and West Texas cities. Accomplishing these long-term objectives requires the right infrastructure and an agile water sourcing strategy.


Field Infrastructure Development

PWM has commenced construction on a state-of-the-art water sourcing and distribution system in West Texas. By flowing sourced water through a pipeline system, PWM will reduce the amount of truck traffic on city and state roads while minimizing transportation costs.

When completed, the pipeline network will run 100 miles north-to-south across Pioneer’s acreage utilizing 30- to 36-inch diameter pipe. It will include fiber-optic cable to support field communications and feeder lines that connect to non-potable water sources, such as contracted municipal wastewater plants.

Construction is expected to continue until 2019 in a phased approach. The system will consist of up to 20 water subsystems branched from the mainline, connecting 125 to 150 strategically placed, double-lined storage ponds that will support hydraulic fracturing operations and recycling efforts in the Midland Basin



Water Sourcing

It is essential that we secure long-term supplies of non-potable, non-fresh water. PWM contracts various sourcing options, including effluent (waste) water, brackish water and recycled produced water.

Effluent Water – PWM continues to strengthen collaboration with local cities through mutually beneficial, public-private water sourcing transactions. In 2014, PWM entered an agreement with the City of Odessa and initiated negotiations with the City of Midland to purchase effluent water for use in operations. Sourcing of the municipal effluent water, which is otherwise not being used, will commence when infrastructure is in place and contracts permit.

Water Project with City of Odessa to Save Millions of Gallons of Freshwater Throughout Permian Basin

Brackish Water – The Santa Rosa Aquifer, a brackish water formation containing water too high in salinity for drinking or agricultural usage, lays thousands of feet above the Permian Basin’s oil shale plays. PWM’s team continues to evaluate the unique reservoir’s large supply through geologic mapping of the formation, logging analysis, well optimizations and other subsurface techniques used in both the water and oil and gas industries. Through these scientific methods, PWM is able to drill high-producing brackish water wells at economic costs and align transportation routes with field infrastructure development and Pioneer’s hydraulic fracturing sites.

Recycled Produced Water – Once water, regardless of the type, is used in hydraulic fracturing operations, it becomes what is known as produced water. This is generally a mixture of procured water, fracturing fluids and naturally occurring water that float to the surface of a well during oil and gas production. PWM is pursuing various recycling options that will reduce the need for produced water disposal.