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John C. Distaso

John C. Distaso headshot
John C. Distaso

Senior Vice President, Marketing

John Distaso was named Senior Vice President of Marketing in January 2019 and is responsible for commercial sales of products (crude oil, condensate, NGLs and natural gas) and downstream infrastructure planning to process, transport and fractionate products prior to final disposition.

Distaso has 30 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Pioneer in June 2012 as Vice President of Marketing, he held senior executive and managerial trading and marketing positions at Mobil Oil Corporation for 15 years and similar positions at Apache and Devon Energy. Distaso was most recently with Deloitte, working for the Minister of Petroleum in the Republic of South Sudan to market 300 MBOPD of crude, resulting in the country’s first $3 billion of oil revenues.

Distaso has experience in physical and paper trading, term and spot negotiations, cargo tanker shipping, transportation pipelines, processing facilities and storage operations. His experience encompasses all aspects of mid-stream and downstream marketing, and he has led multiple domestic and international Marketing departments.

Distaso received his Master of Business Administration from San Diego State University, a Bachelor of Science in Business from University of California Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of California San Diego.