View our 2022 Sustainability Report and supporting documents (2022 Performance Data Table, 2022 Sustainability Content Index, 2022 Methodologies and Definitions).

View our 2022 Climate Risk Report and TCFD Index.

We view sustainability as a multidisciplinary focus that balances economic growth, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Pioneer develops natural resources while supporting surrounding communities and protecting the environment. Intently focused on reducing emissions and emission intensities, Pioneer limits flaring to less than 2% of its produced gas, one of the lowest flaring percentages of operators in the Permian Basin. Our proactive measures, including aerial monitoring of 100% of Permian facilities for leak detection and repair and producing a well only once it’s fully connected to a gas line, combine to make Pioneer a leader in environmental stewardship.

For years Pioneer has focused on reducing its use of freshwater by increasing reuse of produced water and working with the cities of Midland and Odessa to acquire treated reclaimed water. In 2021, Pioneer announced a target to reduce freshwater use in Completions Operations to 25% or less by 2026.

Socially, Pioneer maintains a proactive safety culture, supports a diverse workforce and inspires teamwork to drive innovation. Our Board of Directors has a Health, Safety and Environment Committee and a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee to ensure that proper ESG protocols are in place and to promote a culture of continuous improvement in safety and environmental practices.

For more information about Pioneer’s position on human rights and equality, visit the Values and Diversity and Inclusion pages. See also our:


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Having a continual focus on safety is key. We ask our employees and contractors to be mindful of safety every hour of every day through our safety program, Safely8760, which focuses on:

  • Our commitment to a proactive culture of safety
  • The authority to stop work
  • Remaining aware and engaged
  • Communicating knowledge and lessons learned
  • Continuous improvement
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Pioneer’s environmental initiative, Stewardship365, focuses on our responsibility to environmental sustainability each day of the year, whether at work or at home, and focuses on:

  • Operating responsibly
  • Planning thoughtfully
  • Taking ownership
  • Communicating knowledge and lessons learned
  • Using efficiency and innovation to create sustainable practices
  • Continuous improvement
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We’re proud to share our sustainability efforts, and we are dedicated to making continued progress in the years to come.