Corporate Giving

Pioneer and our employees have a storied philanthropic history - our corporate charitable giving mission is to positively impact organizations that improve the communities where we live and operate. Pioneer is proud of our employees’ volunteerism, generosity and willingness to give back. Our RESPECT values are focused on our most important asset, people - including employees, contractors and those with whom we interact in our communities.

When you spend time with us, it won’t take long to see that our company values create a culture of being good neighbors. In 2020, Pioneer implemented an employee charitable giving match program, WELL Spent. Pioneer matches our employees’ donations to the charitable organizations of their choice. The program helps us serve the needs of our communities, support employee involvement within those regions and build positive stakeholder relationships.

Pioneer’s Charitable Giving Guidelines


Pioneer’s charitable giving and community engagement (Giving & Engagement) mission is to build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders while promoting business goals, creating shared value through an environment of transparency, mutual RESPECT, trust and goodwill.


Our Giving & Engagement strategy is about more than simply being a good neighbor – it's about good business. We manage potential social risks and impacts to our partners, stakeholders and company, while supporting mutually beneficial relationships and creating long-term value for our communities and the company.

Our stakeholders include current and future employees and their families; investors and shareholders; land and royalty interest owners, lawmakers and regulators; industry coalitions; chambers of commerce and other economic development groups; and philanthropic foundations and organizations. Our business goals are driven by our operational performance, environmental stewardship, DEI focus areas and commitment to safety.


Nonprofit organizations may apply for a corporate charitable grant or a charitable event sponsorship. Pioneer is proud to support nonprofit organizations that help serve the critical needs of our communities through financial grants and fundraising events.

To be considered for a Pioneer charitable grant or sponsorship, an organization must:

  • Be tax-exempt, nonprofit and hold a current Section 501(c)(3) determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The organization must be classified by the IRS as a public charity.
  • Have a non-religious primary purpose and have non-discrimination policies congruent with Pioneer's non-discrimination policies set forth in the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
  • Be willing to submit an impact report if requested, detailing the outcomes directly achieved through the assistance of Pioneer’s contributions.


An application for a Pioneer charitable grant or sponsorship will be ineligible for consideration if the organization:

  • Discriminates on the basis of race, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Is a political party, appointed or elected government board, commission, or any entity designated as anything other than a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS.
  • Has a religious purpose or is a house of worship, where the donation is used to promote a particular faith or belief.


Pioneer’s Executive Committee, comprised of our senior leadership team, oversees the company’s community investments, company volunteer activities, giving strategy and charitable contributions budget annually. Our Government and Public Affairs team executes the Giving & Engagement program by reviewing applications and requests to determine organization eligibility and alignment with our guiding principles, focus areas and overarching strategy. We are committed to regularly reviewing and improving our practices, and we report on the impacts of our program annually in our Sustainability Report.

Once an application for a corporate charitable grant or a charitable event sponsorship has been submitted, a member of the Government & Public Affairs Team will contact the applicant, either directly or through the application system, to discuss next steps. If you would like to follow up on an application, please contact


Through the lens of our RESPECT values, our Giving & Engagement strategy builds on tenets from our Stewardship365 environmental program, Safely 8760 safety program and our dedicated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) program. We give and engage to improve the overall quality of life in the communities where we live and operate.

Sustaining active involvement in our local communities builds trust and goodwill among our stakeholders and makes us a stronger company. We aim to uphold the following principles in our giving investments:

  • Community-focused: We strive to positively impact the localities where we live and work, investing in a meaningful and measurable way to help build flourishing communities for our stakeholders.
  • Sustainable: We invest in programs that innovatively address current needs while creating value through capacity building for future needs and aiming for continual improvement in our communities.
  • Inclusive & equitable development: We support organizations that seek to create opportunities or address needs for underserved or underrepresented groups within our communities, creating value for current and future employees and our community stakeholders.


Pioneer aligns our internal business goals with community needs to ensure our charitable investments have the greatest, most inclusive and sustainable impacts. Strategically focusing our giving builds stronger, safer more resilient communities, and an educated, trained workforce. We support programs, initiatives and organizations focused on the following areas:

  • EDUCATION: We support institutions and programs that emphasize student academic achievement, focusing on educational enrichment and advancement in early childhood education, K-12, post-secondary, technical and vocational schools. Specifically, we support initiatives that emphasize development of skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and those that inspire students to pursue STEM-based careers.
  • ENVIRONMENT: We seek initiatives and partnerships that align with our Stewardship365 environmental values and promote sustainable business practices. We support programs that encourage sustainability through stewardship of community ecosystems, reduced water usage and air emissions, natural resource conservation, environmental beautification, and wildlife preservation.
  • ENGAGEMENT & ENRICHMENT: We provide funding to organizations that support the development of our communities’ social and economic health. We partner with organizations and agencies that provide community safety and protection, support low- income/at-risk individuals and families, improve capacity building, spur economic development, expand cultural experiences, and provide job training for the community’s workforce.


During the annual corporate budgeting process, the Government & Public Affairs team reviews disbursed corporate grants and sponsorships for the next fiscal year, basing our recommendation for continued support on the following criteria:

  • Representation of one or more of Pioneer’s charitable focus areas exhibited by the partner organization;
  • Funded programs or sponsored events positively impacting Pioneer’s charitable giving and community engagement goals; and
  • Organizations submitting an impact report (upon request) detailing how Pioneer’s contribution assisted in its work.

The Government & Public Affairs team builds a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year and submits it for senior executive review and approval. The budget incorporates:

  • Continuation of recommended prior grants and sponsorships;
  • Estimated amounts for new grants, sponsorships and charitable partnership requests;
  • Estimated amounts reserved for employee matching programs.


Pioneer’s culture of giving flourishes because of our most valuable asset – our people. Our employees’ investments of time, talent and resources make our communities stronger. We are proud to support their generous investments in nonprofit organizations through matching gifts and volunteer grant programs. With these programs, Pioneer seeks to amplify our collective social investment impact in our communities, reflecting the personal passions and pursuits of our employees.

We encourage partner nonprofit organizations to engage with our employees through our matching programs, as well as our grant and sponsorship application opportunities. All regular, full-time employees are eligible to participate in each of Pioneer’s match programs.

  • Monetary Donation Match: Pioneer believes in directing company charitable dollars to organizations that are meaningful to our internal stakeholders. We match employee monetary contributions dollar-for-dollar to qualifying charitable organizations, maximizing the impact of our employees’ social investments in their communities.
  • Individual Volunteer Match: To encourage volunteerism with charities our employees are most passionate about, Pioneer donates $25 for every volunteer hour to the charity where an employee completes their service. We know investments of time and talent are as impactful as financial ones within a community, and Pioneer is proud to help our employees accomplish those efforts.
  • Team Volunteer Match: Our employees can also leverage our matching gifts as groups and departments. Pioneer will donate $250 per group volunteer hour to the organization where the team completed its volunteer service. This program promotes team building, benefits local nonprofits and allows Pioneer contributions to reach a broader base of the local nonprofit community.
  • Political Action Committee (PAC) Match: When an eligible employee elects to participate in one of our PACs, Pioneer matches the employee contribution dollar-for-dollar to a charity of the employee's choice. Our PAC Match program encourages employees to engage in the political process while supporting philanthropic organizations.
  • 2:1 Match Opportunities: In addition to Pioneer’s dollar-for-dollar Monetary Donation Match Program, we offer special 2:1 match days for employees' contributions, including Permian Basin Gives Day, North Texas Giving Day and Giving Tuesday. These enhanced matching opportunities allow our employees to collaborate in regional and global days of giving while amplifying Pioneer’s collective impact within nonprofit communities.


Please contact with any questions.